My friend, Kerry Silver, introduced me to fused glass. I started buying her beautiful glass art pieces, displaying her work in my home and sharing it with friends and family as gifts.

Also thanks to Kerry and La Hoya, I took my first fused glass class in 2012. Rosanne Taylor was my teacher. I found selecting colors, creating designs, and cutting and shaping the glass (when not cutting myself) addictive.


I am still discovering how to strike a balance between control and lack of control over the process. Every piece is a bit unpredictable as the glass and heat combine. I’m like a kid on Christmas morning each time I come to the studio to see how the kiln has transformed my efforts. Patterns, colors and objects that I see every day inspire me — it seems there are never-ending possibilities.


In addition to the generous advice from all of the smart and talented artists at La Hoya, I’ve been fortunate to learn from:

  • Jean Fernandes of the Creative Arts Center of Dallas

  • Michael Riffkind and David Kittrell of Kittrell/Riffkind Art Glass

  • Cheryl Thompson of Art Glass City.