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Glass is magical — not a true liquid or solid. Creating with kiln-formed glass combines patience, science and surrender mixed with joy, surprise and delight as the glass and heat combine. When I took my first fused glass class, I fell in love with the artform (even though I didn’t realize then that math would be involved). A fascinating thing about fused glass is that its beauty can be appreciated from both sides. I’m in awe of how light merges with the glass to create and reflect flow, movement and form. Studying a sheet of raw glass is like having a piece of a jigsaw puzzle without the picture on the box. It gives me clues and ideas about where it belongs. 


Every project is a new beginning, and I strive for each to be unique. Because no two creations are exactly the same, the possibilities are infinite. My designs are inspired by patterns, images and objects I see around me every day. I love to play with colors, shapes and textures while maintaining simplicity and elegance, and even a little whimsy. Every time I open the kiln and see the results, it’s like unwrapping a present. Even disappointments teach important lessons and there is always more to learn.


I’m thankful to be a member of La Hoya Glass Artists, sharing space, equipment … band-aids … and a whole lot of fun with so many talented artists.

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