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La Hoya is the studio home to 14 independent glass artists.


Formed in 2011, La Hoya was the inspiration of Kerry Silver, Mary Garcia and Rosanne Taylor. Their vision was to create a community of glass artists that would share workspace, collaborate, and learn from one another.


Within our 2,500 square foot studio, each of the artista is free to explore the medium of warm glass. The studio includes a gallery, workshop, and equipment rooms. Learn about our equipment below.


Our studio is not open to the public; however we would be glad to arrange for your visit. Please contact any of us to schedule a time.


La Hoya Glass Artists use specially made artist's glass from Bullseye Glass Company. Bullseye glass is handcrafted in their factory in Portland, Oregon. They are pioneers in development of glass for artists and offer a rich array of colors and styles of glass tested for its compatibility and color stability. Learn more about Bullseye glass here. 


Unlike pottery kilns, glass kilns typically have elements on the top as well as the sides to uniformly heat the glass throughout the firing process. Seven of our nine kilns are professional glass kilns manufactured by Paragon Industries in Mesquite, Texas. Paragon is known for its commitment to quality and safety. All of our kilns are programmable and capable of a wide variety of applications. And each kiln in our studio features unique characteristics that make it ideal for specific techniques. Learn more about Paragon Industries here.


  • HUSQVARNA TILE SAW: A diamond tile saw is an essential piece of equipment in a glass artist's tools. La Hoya uses a top-of-the-line Husqvarna TS 70 tile saw with a diamond  blade made specifically for cutting thick slabs of glass. Learn more here.

  • CRYSTALMASTER FLAT LAP GRINDER: To polish and refine our glass art, we use Crystalite's CrystalMaster Pro 12 inch tabletop flat lap grinder. It has a 3/4 HP variable speed motor and accepts magnetic backed 12 inch diamond disks and polishing disks. Learn more here.

  • TAURUS RING SAW: This versatile piece of equipment, the Taurus Gemini 3 ring saw, enables us to cut intricate patterns using a sintered diamond blade that allows cutting and movement in all directions. 

  • OTHER EQUIPMENT: Our studio has a sand blasting cabinet, vertical belt sander, diamond grinders, Dremmel, drill press and other equipment to facilitate glassmaking and enable variety and flexibility in styles and techniques.



Kiln-fired glass is a complex and versatile medium. Rosanne Taylor, Mary Garcia and Deb Baker previously taught at the prestigious Creative Arts Center, a not-for-profit fine arts school in Dallas, Texas. Mary and Deb Baker both received specialized training at Bullseye in Portland, Oregon. In addition, at various times, our artists have received advanced training from the following renowned glass artists:


We proudly support the following local Bullseye retailers:

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