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Self-expression through various art forms, poetry, weaving, creative writing, crafting, mosaics, and more, has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My happiest times are when I am creating. And working in fused glass takes that happiness to a whole other level. The creative possibilities are endless and the creative learning process is full of surprises. I especially like my “happy accidents” – the unexpected that sometimes happens when you are trying something new or different.

I find inspiration in the colors all around us, especially when I am traveling - cool cerulean blues of the sea as it hits the sand, shades of green and browns in the parks and passing scenery, flaming reds and oranges of tropical flowers or in a hearth, the brightly painted houses in an Italian village, the night sky from an airplane or something as simple as the pink icing on top of cupcake one of our granddaughter’s is savoring. 


Each step taken; how I combine the colors, design the look I am after, cut the glass, heat and fuse the glass in the kiln, then shape it, fire it again, or cold work it, creates a one-of-a-kind piece that may tell a story or share a memory. I often incorporate “found objects” into my pieces for that special touch – metal found in an old mine of Colorado, beads from an Israeli market, tiles from Istanbul, bits of family china, shells, stones, or pieces wood. What fun!

I continue to be amazed by everything I learn from my fellow La Hoya Artists, inspired and challenged by their immeasurable talent. Here’s to many more “happy accidents" and creative and personal growth in our studio home away from home!

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