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Kathleen Turner was raised in Ft. Worth TX and has lived in Dallas as an adult. In addition to glass fusion, Kathleen’s creative outlets include painting, photography, ideation and advising start-ups and Fortune 500 Companies. She is proud mom to 2 sons and Mimi to 2 grandchildren.


“I was born with a creative/innovative drive that found me writing, dancing, photographing and participating in art classes throughout my life.  I took my first fusion class in a home in Frisco and got hooked! I sought a community to continue to learn and explore techniques. David Kittrell, Larry Pile and the wonderful artists at La Hoya have been generous with their experience and encouragement. I cannot say I have settled into a style. I am driven to learn so much more.”


Kathleen is inspired by nature: a walk in the Aspens, a sunset in Adelaide AU, a safari in Africa, Paddle boarding or surfing, an art exhibit, a hike in Peru, a worship song or verse. What inspires you?


You can keep posted on Kathleen’s Glass Creations on Facebook page: Fired-up Glass.

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