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I am inspired by things everywhere - I love nature and the redwoods - the silence, smell and shade of red are spiritually and creatively life-altering for me. I love a long walk through a city, taking in an urban forest of skyscrapers, people and street level wonder. I'm inspired by children's laughter and bright splashes of color.

I have worked with many mediums over the years and kiln-formed glass is my passion.  This medium allows me to be organized and planned, and frees me to see what happens. I love the challenge to determine how I will work with, and shape the result of a first, second and sometimes my fifth firing. My right-brain is balanced by the power of the glass. My left-brain is playfully challenged to embrace the results, making beautiful objects, sometimes out of happy accidents.

I thoroughly enjoy the camaraderie of my fellow La Hoya artist community! The realm of possibilities with the glass medium are endless, and my style continues to evolve as I try new techniques.  I’m in awe of the moment and look forward to years of growth and experimentation, encouraged by my dear friends at La Hoya.      

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